Delicious achievement

Delicious adds some ‘achievements’

Somewhere last year online bookmarking service Delicious started adding counters. Save a link to Delicious via their bookmarklet, and it tells you if you were one of the first or the last to bookmark that link. It was a nice subtle addition that actually gave some reinforcement about linking articles. And it was something that added to the experience of my Delicious, IFTTT & Tumblr Dance.

Today, the above popped up: it now also shows who was the first to ‘discover’ this particular link. It’s the equivalent of a standing ovation online. It’s also perfect for those hipsters that want to be first in discovering new content. Nothing screams internet fame more than your avatar being broadcast to others as they find ‘your’ link. A subtle way to promote finding new content. It might actually be the first ‘achievement’ I’ve uncovered while browsing on the internet.

Of course, it’s a form of gamification, but in this case I think it adds to the experience. The idea of being first in delivering news and/or links has always been a bit of a point for news scourers on the web. Google Reader’s shared items used to be a perfect tool to discover who would be worth following. Here, Delicious might get people to interact with the network a bit more. That is, beyond dumping their links in one spot.



  1. Vincent Leeuw says:

    This is actually enabled on the bookmarklet as well, so I don’t think you’ll be able to turn it off in that way. It’s not annoying in my opinion, as it doesn’t impede the flow of what you are trying to accomplish.

    Had it been a pop-up you needed to dismiss, it would’ve been a real problem.