Factorio as a tool for interviewing

In a strange twist of reverse gamification (applying games to real-world problems), here's obsessive optimisation game Factorio being used as a replacement for a traditional technical interview:

All these interviewing methods pale in comparison to a very simple metric: playing Factorio with someone. Going through an entire run of Factorio is almost the best possible indication of how well someone deals with common technical problems. You can even tweak the playthrough based on the seniority of the position you're hiring for to get a better sense of how they'll function in that role.

  • An Intern is generally expected to be able to fill in a pre-placed blueprint, and use belts to hook up their blueprint with something else, like an ore patch.
  • A Junior Developer should be able to build a production line by themselves, although it probably won't be very optimal. They may need assistance from the senior developer on how to route the belts properly to all of the intermediate assembly machines.
  • An Intermediate Developer should be capable of designing a near-optimal production line (without beacons) once given direction, with minimal oversight.
  • The Senior Developer needs no direction, and is capable of determining what goals need to happen and designing a plan of action, then delegating these tasks to other coders.