Sad EU metaverse party noises

Only five people showed up Tuesday evening to a party hosted by the European Commission’s foreign aid department in the metaverse to get young people excited about the EU.

Devex correspondent Vince Chadwick tweeted that he was eventually the only party guest left, after "initial bemused chats with the roughly five other humans who showed up."

I don't actively hate the metaverse (as it's just a collective label for digital spaces), but I do wonder when organisations and companies start to realise that you can't enforce a change in culture like this. There needs to be a reason for people to engage. Making politics "fun" doesn't mean people suddenly want politics. I saw the same thing happen with gamification and in the end that got whittled down to "UI/UX - Now with dark patterns!" As long as the metaverse isn't convenient (either for function or entertainment) nothing will attract the masses. The question should be "when is an overwhelming sense of displacement important enough to make users overlook a limited interface". And so far the answer still basically boils down to "sex and games" in my opinion.