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Tag: Nintendo

Bait and Nintendo Switch

In October 2016, we first got a teaser view of the Nintendo Switch and all was well in the world (relatively, that is). There was common sense behind Nintendo wanting to merge the handheld and console markets into one device. Finally, Nintendo can focus on what they do best. But come January 2017, “there’s always something to nag about” appears to be the thing Nintendo does best.

Apple is the new Nintendo

You may get the impression that everything about Apple is negative, but that’s not true. This is not Apple with the engine on fire, this is Apple where they need to recalibrate a few things to get the engine operating smoothly and effectively again. They’re still doing a lot of things right. Source: Apple’s 2016 in review The above quote from Chuq Von Rospach made me realise that Apple is getting close to the business nature of Nintendo. It might not be consciously throwing underpowered hardware at its target audience in the hope of dazzling with innovations and gimmicks, but it’s…