Weekplay 202247

I haven't been playing games much in the past few weeks. I've been mostly reading a lot and listening to podcasts. That said, listening to podcasts usually goes accompanied by some fidgeting and nothing is a better fidgeting toy than Vampire Survivors (SD).

I've been slowly unlocking the newly added bits and bobs and so I stumbled upon the unlock shown above by mere happenstance, through me surviving with a woefully underpowered character by making use of a nicely placed choke point corridor. And yes, this one blows the game of its already shaky hinges and allows for much more insane fun.

The game now flows into some form of high-end optimisation and although I've read some accounts that people don't like that aspect, the fact that it comes after a "mere" 30 hours of gameplay makes it all the better in my opinion. This game clearly knows how to drip-feed new additions and how they potentially interact with already present element, not giving one iota if that'll make things insane, because frankly they already are.

If you somehow still haven't touched this game, you are not living your best life. Just saying.