24/7 Twitch

Across a broad range of streamers—gamers, dancers, political commentators, or those “just chatting”—it’s common to spend eight, 10, or 12 hours per day on stream. Some streamers attempt 24-hour streams—sometimes in near continuous conversation, sometimes sleeping. Twitch streamer Emilycc has been on stream 24-hours a day for over a year, setting a record on the platform. This level of commitment is what many fans have come to expect and how streamers make their money, endlessly entertaining fans live on camera, trading their personalities for subscriptions. Even after revealing the weight of burnout, streamers who find their revenue plummeting when they take any time away often return to the platform. On Twitch, you can never log off.

The Attention Economy seems to be driven by people turning their hobbies into work. And then getting paid for it. Maybe. And if they are, it won't be much. But hey, it's suddenly "your choice" if you burn out on it.