🤓 Are nerds the problem?

Well, this is awkward. Most core gamers know of the Gamergate group, its ties to the alt-right and the sheer indecency and awkwardness it brings along. But here Willie Osterweil actually goes one step further and proposes that the stereotypical nerd is an entitled hero of sorts. An underdog that in the end will get the girl.

Osterweil points out films and games that seem to point towards this convergence of knowledgable superiority combined with social awkwardness. The result being a person that wears the concept of social outcast and 'different than normal' as a badge of honour, yet at the same time feels that victory is assured and even earned just by attaining that status.

I'm not sure I completely agree with the notion, but it did offer me a different viewpoint I never considered: that of a nerd-focused echo chamber being applied to a specific group of people for around 30 years with the resulting world view only now spilling over into the public eye.

Source: What Was the Nerd? — Real Life