😈 Daredevil

According to BrainHex.com I’m a class Daredevil gamer. Even better, my sub-class seems to be a Daredevil-Seeker, or in plain English:

You like rushing around at heights or high speed while you are still in control as well as finding strange and wonderful things or finding familiar things.

Which corresponds quite well with how I play games. High-speed efficiency in games is something that really provides a kick; playingSuper Metroid in one continuous flow of perfectly executed abilities is one of my most loved game experiences. Getting a perfect lap in WipEout HD also has that same feeling attached to it.

Not so surprisingly, according to my scores I’m not quite the Achiever:

  • Daredevil: 18
  • Seeker: 18
  • Mastermind: 15
  • Conqueror: 12
  • Survivor: 10
  • Socialiser: 9
  • Achiever: 3

Explaining neatly why I don’t care that much about Achievements and Trophies I guess. Though why did I collect all blast shards in inFamousthen? Questions, questions…

If you want to discover your own class and sub-class, take the BrainHex Test found here and discover its meaning on BrainHex.com.