💆‍♂️ De-digitize

Downgrading my social media presence wasn't the only thing on my mind. In the past months I've re-evaluated my reliance on digital services and products. Of course, when you do so things become real scary, real quick. Your agenda is most likely being maintained by a third party, not yourself. Likewise Facebook is most likely your Rolodex and birthday calendar in one. Your newspaper might be an RSS-reader or some sort of aggregating website.

Basically, most online companies can plot my day, interests, and social network pretty accurately. Even then they still make mistakes (Facebook was for some reason convinced I wanted to see advertisements regarding tailored suits. That's off the mark by a royal amount of degrees.)

In order to reclaim some data (knowing full well that it's merely a drop in the bucket), I've been slowly making some changes in my digital life:


They're just the first few steps on this path as I'm looking into reconfiguring more elements. Who knows. I might even give up my Kindle (read: "it's probably the last thing to go"). For now, it at least feels a lot more tranquil.