GitHub releases Mona Sans and Hubot Sans

Over the years, we’ve developed our own fonts that are sprinkled across everything you experience with GitHub, and we’re excited to release two variable open source fonts from GitHub: Mona Sans and Hubot Sans. We use them across our webpages on, and now you can use them, too! They are extremely flexible to give you the space to make them work for whatever you’re trying to communicate; both fonts have a variable slant (learn more about variable fonts), weight and width, and they’re licensed under Open Font License (OFL), giving you thousands of variations and infinite creative possibilities to use in your projects.

As mentioned the fonts are variable and as you can see in the above specimen image, this allows for a lot of different expressions with the same font. I also like this one a lot more than the recently launched Discord's gg sans, as it maintains a form of neutrality. Which is exactly what you want and expect from GitHub.

As for that Discord font, it seems to have hit an accessibility snag. Which is something they can hopefully fix by allowing OpenDyslexic as an alternative? Funny thing about the latter, I saw it pop up in gameplay footage of The Callisto Protocol. Which was unexpected, but hey, just another reason for a platform heavily associated with gaming to also give it a go.