Harry DuBois — Super-cop

Except… wouldn’t it be funny if we made Harry a… I don’t know… some kind of super-cop?

This is the thought I’ve had for literal months: what would happen if you maxed out all of Harry DuBois’s stats? How would the game behave? How would Harry react? Would he suddenly become more like a typical insufferably powerful and capable video game protagonist? Would the game fail to recognize his prowess and just start failing him whenever it wanted? Would I unlock some cursed future where nothing I did would prevent Harry from just, like, becoming a fascist? I had to find out.

Op No Escape vindt een bizar experiment plaats waarin de statistieken van Harry uit Disco Elysium artificieel worden opgevoerd tot het maximum. Is de wereld klaar voor Super Harry? Of beter, Harry's super skills?! Leuk verslag.