I like bulky bots and I cannot lie

Since October 13 artist Alex Pelayre has been sharing his concept art for the cancelled Transformers: Heavy Metal game that was being delevoped by Niantic (Pokemon Go) on Twitter. So far he's shared 24 images covering "the main bots" covering a bunch of Autobots, Decepticons (including Constructicons and Devastator) and Soundwave's mini-cassettes in a new take on the G1 designs.

Some absolute chonk-meisters here.

Even more on the site linked above (including an obligatory and disappointing Bumblebee-with-wings).

I've always preferred the boxy look of the original G1 Transformers cartoons and toys and that preference extends to other IP as well. If the bots need to be skinny, than at least make them have clean angular lines in the design (like ZOE's Jehuty, for instance). It's also a huge reason why very few Bayformer designs just didn't click.

The main draw in Transformers is that they are walking Rubik's Cubes: you see the robot, and you can kind of guess how everything fits together to form whatever it's completed mode is. Both Hasbro and the Bayformer movies somehow thought having millions of moving parts reconfigure from one form into the other was more complex and thus better, but it doesn't work that way for me. Then it become LEGO and the anticipation of guessing the robot's alternative mode is lost entirely. Case in point: Bayformer Galvatron. Yeesh. That's just cheating.

So yeah, sad the boxy designs lose out once more as they are associated with a cancelled licensed game, but happy these were shown nonetheless.