If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers (macOS)

A nice mood piece. Pour yourself a warm or a stiff drink and set some time apart to play through If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers. Either via itch.io or Steam. It's a pixel-art point & click adventure, but disposes of most of the inventory management. There's some light puzzling contained within, nothing to serious nor obtuse, but it's not why you're here. No, you're very clearly here to hear some stories. And the stories contained within are great.

There's some evocative stuff in here, both in text as in pixels, as the stories become larger and more fanciful as you progress. It all builds up nicely and although it's clear this is all going to end in tragedy, there's also some light-heartedness in there. A wistful dark smile. Just the ticket on a long, cold winter's night.