🎮 In Limbo

I suddenly remembered I still had to download Limbo.

A one-and-a-half hours later I seem to have accumulated a score of '70', which for some reason my brain automatically interprets as a completion percentage. It might be right.

Whatever the case, Limbo is excellent. In a way it feels like it's the sequel to Another World (or Out Of This World, if you prefer): you are constantly pushing the boundaries of your environment and skills, trying to figure out the way forward. Sometimes it even likes to take the way backward, leading to some very clever stuff indeed.

It also manages to not frustrate, which is rare for a game that seems hell-bent on making you suffer through endless trial-and-error sequences. Quick restarts after death and sensibly placed checkpoints, make the game work in ways that tickle the brain. Even more rare is how the game sensibly uses timing and pin-point accuracy as solutions without making you doubt your judgment.

There's little to criticize here. Certain mechanics are repeated a few times, but it's hard to be negative about those instances as they are used very cleverly yet again. The game's price of 1200 MSP might be its biggest problem; it's relatively high for something that acts and looks like a retro-game.

Hopefully people can look past that, but I fear most will forget about downloading Limbo altogether.