📓 Ingress diary – day 18

Winter has come to the Netherlands.

This isn't supposed to be a problem, but it does impede travel. The combination of snow and freezing temperatures generate slippery roads and make it hard to make Ingress runs.

Luckily this night was OK; no freezing temperatures. Which meant I could perform a run on three of the most notorious Resistance portals in the city centre of Amersfoort. Ironically, they were situated at 'Onze Stier'; a metal statue of a bull I helped bring into the city back in early 2011.

The portals were lynchpins for fields stretching all the way to Hoevelaken. It's also a depressing reminder that things aren't looking too good for the Enlightened over here."While me and another agent had some time to build fields in Amersfoort during the first week, in the second week around 6 Resistance agents became active and they've been making steady progress, keeping away from the medieval heart of town. That changed when they claimed 'Onze Stier'. After that capture they've been eroding the other central portals as well.

Tonight's run allowed me to take out and reclaim two of the three portals near 'Onze Stier'. Unfortunately, the third had two Level 3 Resonators and a few Shields installed, so it cost me a lot of XMP Bursts to whittle them down. As I finally reduced their charges to a single digit, they suddenly were boosted back to 100%. Resistance. I was spotted. No matter, the links to Hoevelaken were already severed and the fields destroyed. I picked up some of their dropped portal keys and ran, leaving the last Resonators intact.

After that, I managed to fortify the area between the city centre and Amersfoort's central train station a bit, but things are looking dire. Unless HQ activates more Enlightened agents, we'll be severely outnumbered. It's clear the Resistance agents are still learning, as their moves are erratic. But we simply can not stop any concerted attack on our portals.

There's little else to do then to fortify a small core of fields and keep their portals protected. Claiming more Mind Units in the Amersfoort area will be impossible unless HQ sends reinforcements. Maybe Hilversum could lend a hand. I can dream, and maybe I should. It's late already.

Keep your minds open. Cyhwuhx out.