JoJo's Bizarre Trash

I'm not sure what I expected when starting watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I can however say that it's one of the most annoyingly insulting anime out there. In a good way.

Like Dragon Ball Z, it's basically an excuse to watch glorified grand bouts become grander and more glorious with each passing episode. And like DBZ it starts leaning on deus ex machina excuses hard.

In the end I wasn't as much entertained by the fights as I was by the increasingly insane reasonings of why such-and-so gained the upper hand for a few seconds. Someone jumping off a cliff only to be in a plane in the next scene was the most hard of cuts made this way and I must say, it was the only one I truly disliked. All the other zaniness in techniques, tricks, and skills were actually handled quite nicely and within the series' own context.

It's still absolute trash, yet I keep watching. I can now wholly understand how this turned into a meme-source and I haven't even touched Stardust Crusaders yet. Good trash it is.