Learning how to learn

One of the more problematic periods in my education was attempting a bachelor degree after graduation. Up until that time, I kind of coasted along, not really needing to pay much attention to school while still getting pretty great grades. That's not meant as a boast as it turned out it would bite me in the behind pretty quickly. My highest grades were in chemistry and so I logically moved into studying chemistry for a degree and BAM!

I ran into the wall/issue of never having learned how to learn. It sounds silly, but it was a disheartening realisation making me question my ability and intelligence. Eventually I switched gears to studying media technology, took a better look at what learning actually entailed, and all was well again. Sort of.

Bumping into the Coursera course Learning how to learn made all these feelings well up again. To some, it's a comical name and maybe even nonsensical. To me, it's basically the one thing that should actually be taught and the one that current curricula (in the Netherlands at least) pay little attention to.

Funny that.