Some links to visit.

➡️ Art of the Title

Keeps track of and dives deeper into the world of title sequences in both film and tv.

➡️ Brand New

Taking note of corporate and brand identity work. Ever since coming into contact with the advertisement sector this has been hugely interesting to me.

➡️ D&D Sage Advice

A blog that collects questions and answers from D&D designers and players regarding the game's systems and world building.


German-language video game news site. Only news, no fluff. Been my go-to games website for well over a decade now.

➡️ Headphone Commute

Taking stock of the latest in electronic/experimental music genres.

➡️ Local Heroes Worldwide

My current employer. We do video game localization, both translation and dubbing for a variety of developers and publishers.

➡️🔞 Oglaf

A web comic that blends the worst and best of fantasy/Dungeons & Dragons shenanigans with adult themed humour.

➡️ rllmuk

A UK-based video games forum born from the ashes of ye olde Edge magazine forum. Contains a surprising amount of Dutchies.

➡️ Stinger Magazine

Like action games? Read Stinger Magazine.