๐Ÿš€ No Man's Sky by Hello Games looks brilliant

Yup, very stoked about this one! Basically because No Man's Sky by Hello Games seems to evoke that sense of "being there". Or because it kind of looks like Proteus with a heavier game-element. And because it evokes memories of Elite, Freelancer, EVE Online and all those other space trading and exploration games.

I especially like the idea of being able to just hop into a ship and leave the atmosphere by yourself and without a loading screen skip. That, by all means, should enhance the feeling of scope in the game. If done right this might just become a universe to lose yourself in, akin to what Minecraft did for an entire generation a few years back.

And all of this by the unassuming creators of Joe Danger. Whatever the case, I simply want to play this. Preferably on a PS4 or PS Vita.