📱 No Mobile Games

It's odd. I expected to at least be playing something. Casual games and such. The type of games everybody is talking about. But instead I found myself deleting the last games from my HTC Desire last week after noticing I hadn't touched them for weeks. Suddenly, I had an Android device without games.

Of course this is the cue for iPhone owners to come out of the woodwork and start shouting how "Android has no games", much like a PS3*, but that's just fanboy-talk. I did have some games on there: Rush Hour, a digital version of the plastic puzzle game of the same name; Galcon, a quick-to-play real-time strategy game, Gem Miner, part platformer and part mining game and Drop7, a truly excellent puzzle game which can stand proud next to Tetris, Puyo Puyo and Panel De Pon.

All of them deleted. Why? I simply don't play any games on my mobile as I don't spend any time on them. Initially I thought it to be my incompatibility with casual games. I've been a core gamer for the better part of my life and presented with casual games I find myself longing for 'real' games. Except that I don't. Flight Control HD is a truly excellent game, which I enjoy very much. On my PlayStation 3. And mobile games like action-RPG Zenonia are great fun and exactly in my genre of preference, but playing it on an Android irked me.

What I did notice, is that I consume games differently than casual players. Whereas casual players will fill wasted time with small games, I find myself dishing up games as the main course. I consciously play games. They aren't there to fill some space of time; they are there to be enjoyed thoroughly.

So I need to be at home, grab a cup of tea, slouch on the couch and stare at a screen soaking it all up and not play it on a device that might suddenly wake up and demand my attention with a phone call. My phone is my communication hub after all and I want it to be that first and foremost.

In other words, I just reasoned myself into buying a tablet computer, didn't I?

*: Both of which are lies.