👋 Hello. I am Vincent Leeuw and this is my blog.

🏙 SimCity on the NES

Now here's a fun gaming article: the Video Game History Foundation has a story on the lost version of SimCity for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Yup, the 8-bit original. That a lower fidelity version was possible, was already clear through the release of different versions and the original concept being ...

🎮 Play with Astro Bot Rescue Mission

It's hard to imagine now, but the initial Tomb Raider was one of the first 3D games to teach people how to move in a world made out of polygons. Next to the planar gliding of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, Tomb Raider felt liberating and complex. That it kind of ...

📸 Xanathar's Gift

I've got awesome colleagues that give me awesome new presents to slaughter awesome players. ;)

📸 Yetees

Got my order from The Yetee. Totally in love with that Hollow Knight shirt, while the Dr. Mario one brings back some good tunes.

📸 Healing Potions

I'm not the first one to make these, but ready-to-roll healing potions are very handy to have around during Dungeons & Dragons.

🍺 Dungeon Master Mug

My lovely players gifted me this huge Dungeon Master mug as a sign of appreciation. Which is 👌 and totally unexpected! Now to fill it up with something strong.

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