SaveMGO is springlevend

It has been 15 years since Metal Gear Online 2 launched and 11 years since the shutdown of the original servers, but the game is still alive and well on SaveMGO! We have a slew of new updates coming out today as well as later this year and we would like to showcase what we've been working on.
That's right. Survival mode is coming in 2023 with closed alpha tests starting this summer and a beta in the Fall! The biggest hurdles with development have been resolved and we have working dedicated servers that we will host the matches on.

De game is dood, maar nee, de game is alles behalve dood. Vet om te zien hoe een groep enthousiastelingen Metal Gear Online 2 nog steeds levend houdt en het zelfs doorgaat waar het origineel ophoudt.