SimCity on the NES

Now here's a fun gaming article: the Video Game History Foundation has a story on the lost version of SimCity for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Yup, the 8-bit original. That a lower fidelity version was possible, was already clear through the release of different versions and the original concept being made on a Commodore 64, but still would've probably loved to play the actual NES version.

Another interesting titbit was this part:

Think about this. In 1990, two famous game designers from opposite ends of the globe sat down and collaborated. The guy who just shipped SimCity, probably the most famous computer game at the time, and the guy who just shipped Super Mario Bros. 3, probably the most famous console game of the time, came together briefly to combine forces on a project.

Apparently, Miyamoto was searching for a "create your own world" game and Wright just happened to have already made it. This also explains why the crossover was so 'deep' at the time. SimCity was clearly not a Nintendo game, yet it was. The collaboration between these two designers makes it clear why. It was mostly a mutual exchange of ideas next to a business proposition. Apart from Tetris for the Game Boy (or Nintendo DS, some would say), it's pretty hard to find another non-Nintendo game being so clearly made into one.