๐ŸŒซ Some thoughts after reading Mistborn

Finished Mistborn: The Final Empire today. Turned out to be a very good read! Oddly enough, my first encounter with Brandon Sanderson was through Infinity Blade. He wrote a short story connecting and deepening the stories of both Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade II. Though that particular story was a bit rough-and-tumble, the style did get to me (and made the games much more enjoyable to boot). Based on that, I decided to give Mistborn a shot.

And, you know, having my climbing partner constantly pester me about reading the book in-between routes also helped as wellโ€ฆ

The thing I liked most about Mistborn was how the 'magical powers' fit into it all, creating a palette to work from. I generally like this kind of setting in books โ€“ the more alien the better โ€“ which is why I gobble up stuff like The Myst Reader like there's no tomorrow. The way different technologies, habits and customs build foundations to work from, is why I read in the first place.

So it was kind of fate that I would like this as there was a bit more overlap between Myst and Mistborn than just the sound of the first syllable. Without going into spoilers, both the third Myst novel and The Final Empire seem to share some similar philosophies, social structures and arcs, though they both deal with them in wildly different fashions.

It formed a second core for me; next to the exploration of a different setting, I also got to see a sort of cross-novel 'what if' scenario unfold.

If there's one thing I do dislike, it's that while the setting is great, the day-to-day life of the working class depicted seems to fall a bit to the wayside. There's a scene to touch base with them before the final act starts, and it came as a surprise, as I didn't expect to be reading about them again. I would've liked to wallow a bit more in their sorrows like that, so to speak.

Apparently, there are plans to turn this particular book into a film as well, and I can see that working really well. Based on what I've read, the action scenes could turn into "The Matrix in a fantasy setting".

So go read this, if that line suddenly made you pay attention. ;)