Spellborn: Alkard Pettera – Master Bloodwarrior

At one point during TCOS development we created the Discipline Masters, a set of the Enclave's greatest heroes and prime examples of what to expect from the Disciplines, our class system. While they were put in the game, they never got the attention I wanted them to have, nor were all assets used. I envisioned them as a band of contemporary heroes the players could fight alongside to in specific scenes.

Marlon Kromodikoro, Dennis Zoetebier and yours truly created a bio for each of the Discipline Masters and this series is meant to showcase each of them. The game itself only contained minor bits and pieces.


Alkard Pettera grew up as a normal farm boy just outside Hawksmouth; his family having just moved there from Wallers Hill. Living so close to Hawksmouth, Alkard was exposed to many of the political rumblings and the name Evhiel Muaun meant the demon incarnate to him. After all, if all the politicians were frightened by her, she must’ve been evil. When Muaun escaped into the Deadspell Storm in 942 AC, the 10-year old Alkard was scared by this news and very afraid Evhiel would attack the Enclave.

His child-like thoughts became reality six years later as Tykaru’s Tyranny started. Alkard realised he could actually do something now instead of being scared, and joined House Maul to become a bloodwarrior and fight both Evhiel and Tykaru. As the war against Tykaru’s troops began, Alkard was fighting at the forefront. The leaders of the Enclave might’ve been blinded by Evhiel Muaun’s warning he thought; he alone would take care of whatever tried to attack its people.

Though he quickly became a celebrated warrior, it was during a battle at Hawk’s Landing in 950 AC that Alkard met his match. Facing a bloodwarrior of the Glaive siding with Tykaru, Alkard was locked into a duel in the forests behind the lumberyard and was slain, or so his comrades claimed. But as they finally pushed Tykaru’s forces back and searched for him, Alkard’s body had disappeared. There were rumours of him boarding Glaive ships and siding with the enemy, and for a while those stories were believed as Alkard’s dislike for Evhiel Muaun was common knowledge.

In 955 AC a Maul delegation was hunting down some Glaive on Ringfell and in the northern area of Hearth found a naked and bewildered man covered in immense scars. He engaged them all in battle and it was only until his eye caught the Maul banner that he calmed down. Alkard had been found. He returned to his parents in Hawksmouth, claiming that he had escaped from a Glaive prison on the raftyard Exarchyon while being driven to the brink of insanity. His skills as a bloodwarrior had improved immensely and until his sixtieth year he was a bloodwarrior instructor for House Maul and started taking care of his grandchildren (having lost his son and his wife in the Arcane Surge). In 995 the Enclave asked him to become a Master Bloodwarrior and Alkard humbly accepted the function and its title.


While highly capable, Alkard is a bit of a pessimist. His idea of combat is that you are dead by default and that it will cost you blood, sweat and tears to come out alive. The glass is forever half-empty in his hand. Despite that attitude, Alkard is an honest man and will give praise where praise is due. Though his defeat is seen by many as his greatest failure, to Alkard himself it’s being unable to teach his protégé Jathal Boraxx the finer arts of the bloodwarrior Discipline after a terrible dispute tore them apart. To this day he blames the incident wholly upon himself, though nobody knows what happened.

Alkard was a lynchpin in many ways, if only for the notion that the bloodwarrior was our most 'warrior-like' class. I used his background to attach him to the starting area of Hawksmouth, while his dispute with Jathal Boraxx (the grumpy conscript-hating lumberjack, as some players might remember) allowed a direct connection for lore-players to discover. The connection also provided more depth to what would happen later on to Jathal Boraxx as he got caught up in House Shroud dealings.

Also, some players might have discovered his grandchildren actually playing around one of the farms near Hawksmouth. We constantly tried to invoke such small details to provide a certain form of depth for those that went looking for it.