Spellborn enters the Deadspell Storm

If you didn’t catch the news elsewhere already: Spellborn Works went bankrupt. In short this means all of us who worked on the game are now without a job. But what does this mean for The Chronicles of Spellborn itself?

At the moment, it has little impact for the players. The game itself is owned by Spellborn NV, which is different from Spellborn Works. Spellborn NV actually ‘hired’ Spellborn Works to develop the game for them. All developers where in turn hired by Spellborn Works. Now that Spellborn Works is bankrupt, all the developers have been laid off.

However Spellborn NV is still in business and as such Acclaim and Frogster still have a game to run. So currently the servers are still up and you can still play the game without any problems.

Development of the MMO however has been shut down in the Netherlands and is now in the process of being moved to Frogster Asia in South-Korea. Here the game will be developed into a Free-to-Play MMO.Frogster intends to rerelease this new version somewhere in 2010.

That is all I know about the current situation. You can still play the game ‘as it is’. But at the same time it seems illogical to assume all involved parties will update the game up until the relaunch in 2010. Or at least, I wonder who would do so…

So, anyone looking for a game designer slash content writer give me call via LinkedIn or mail me. To the players: thank you for your support and enjoyment of the game. In the end, everything we did was for you and I speak for the entire team when I say that we are still proud at what we accomplished despite the many hardships.

Until the next Great Collapse!