Spellborn: Gerreth Bournbray – Master Runemage

At one point during development of The Chronicles of Spellborn, we created the Discipline Masters, a set of the Enclave's greatest heroes and prime examples of what to expect from the Disciplines, our class system. While they were put in the game, they never got the attention I wanted them to have, nor were all assets used. I envisioned them as a band of contemporary heroes the players could fight alongside to in specific scenes.

Marlon Kromodikoro, Dennis Zoetebier and yours truly created a bio for each of the Discipline Masters and this series is meant to showcase each of them. The game itself only contained minor bits and pieces.


Gerreth Bournbray always was materialistic. Being part of a wealthy family with influence in the Scales of Trade also helped this trait and it was only natural for Gerreth to join House Silver in 968 AC at the age of 18. Yet Gerreth felt something missing. He not only wanted to own things, he wanted to control them as well. Within two years Gerreth found himself studying the books of House Rune. Utterly intrigued by the application of contemporary magic, Gerreth became an artisan runemage with a very keen interest in DEW. To Gerreth being able to use magic was a doorway into creating whatever he wanted; to control pure matter at every level.

His interest in DEW as a potential energy source for everything, his superb runemage skills, his acquaintance with House Rune and his allegiance to House Silver quickly catapulted him up the ranks of Rune and Silver’s joint-venture Runsil. It was through Runsil that Gerreth caught wind of the levium enrichment experiments conducted at the Citadel of Ail. Thinking it would allow him a gateway to the untapped resources of the Deadspell Storm, Gerreth became obsessed with the project and from 979 to 983 AC led a party across various shards searching for anomalies within levium, coldflame and ankhstone. When he finally returned to the Citadel of Ail, the project was intensified and a year later one of the laboratories exploded, leading to lots of casualties and a few deaths.

This was unacceptable for the Enclave and they publicly shut down the project. Gerreth was to step down and be replaced by Elmar Amsell of the Ashen Circle. In truth however this was only to divert attention and Amsell in secret continued the project, while Gerreth Bournbray took his leave towards Mount of Heroes because of ‘problems with his health’. He returned to the Citadel of Ail in 993 AC. A year later the Arcane Surge happened and Gerreth barely survived.

The incident left him infected with AIOR, as he has a piece of AIOR wedged into his chest (something he tried to find a treatment for in cooperation with Okota Hays). It doesn’t affect him with Tempest Disease but at the same time it’s a problem waiting to happen. Some people speculate he actually doesn’t want to get rid of it and even more evil tongues suggest this was his plan all along and the Arcane Surge was the price to pay for it. Regardless, the rumours continued and House Silver, much to the dismay of House Rune, put forward Gerreth Bournbray to become the Master Runemage under the premise of him being ‘an Arcane Surge veteran’. Gerreth accepted and discontinued his work with Hays as he moved to Parliament.


Gerreth is a rather selfish and greedy person, but not to the extent that it will hamper him. He knows very well when he can potentially offend people and tries to maintain an attitude of sincerity at all costs. At the same time he tries to deduce exactly what a person is worth to him and act accordingly. One never gets in a heated fight with Gerreth, one simply will not see him any more. Despite this sneaky attitude, Gerreth is an infectiously cheery person and it’s this quality that makes him fit in tremendously amongst the Discipline Masters.

Another tie-in to the Arcane Surge in Green District. Gerreth was to be a link between the company of Runsil, Raven's AIORcore machinations in the House Rune initiation quests and the upcoming 'Neo Arionites' arc we were preparing.

Because of the Runsil connection, Gerreth received both qualities of House Rune and Silver. Runsil itself was important in that it provided a lot of the technologies or 'practical magic' used in the Enclave on a daily basis. Communicators (the in-game explanation for chats) and shardships fell under the Runsil banner. As a result, Gerreth felt more of a MacGuffin than a character and I was still working on fitting him in more properly.