Spellborn: Merald Heragon - Master Wrathguard

At one point during TCOS development we created the Discipline Masters, a set of the Enclave's greatest heroes and prime examples of what to expect from the Disciplines, our class system. While they were put in the game, they never got the attention I wanted them to have, nor were all assets used. I envisioned them as a band of contemporary heroes the players could fight alongside to in specific scenes.

Marlon Kromodikoro, Dennis Zoetebier and yours truly created a bio for each of the Discipline Masters and this series is meant to showcase each of them. The game itself only contained minor bits and pieces.


Throughout the years House Torque became synonymous with politics. But the High House would like to view itself as being ‘heroic’. Growing up next to House Torque in a Torque family meant that Merald Heragon was very well aware of this. And if that wasn’t enough, both her father and mother pushed the little girl into becoming a new Torque hero. She started training at the age of 5 and at the age of 10 she was capable of out-classing the Torque guards near Torque High House, leading her to become quite famous in town.

But while she might be regarded as a capable warrior, she also proved to have a rather sharp tongue. Next to her normal education, her parents had infused her young mind with war accounts, strategies and old historical documents. Combined with her Torque upbringing she resulted in a full-blown blueprint of a perfect House Torque member at the frighteningly young age of 12 years old.

Learning more and more, she actually became disciplined that same year and her knowledge of old styles, ways and events turned her to the Wrathguard Discipline. Two years later the Veridan unveiled their greatest secret: The Athenaeum. A large fragment kept hidden from the rest on the Enclave, it had been transformed into a new training ground to teach the Enclave about the past and prepare them for the future. House Torque felt passed over and came up with a brilliant idea: Merald Heragon the Wrathguard Child would pass through the Athenaeum and prove its credibility.

It proved to be a success for both parties involved. Merald was lyrical about the training grounds and at the same time she deemed this the ideal method to train a new generation of Torque members to glory. All was well. Until in 994 the Arcane Surge tore through the Green District. Merely 20 years old, Merald risked life and limb by helping out survivors and leading the rescue squad there to save the populace. Inspired by the Athenaeum, afterwards she concluded the Enclave would not need a training ground; they needed to actually train all their citizens to prevent such future events from ever escalating. The Enclave Council saw wisdom in her words and created the Enclave Militia. When she was afterwards asked to provide guidance as a Master Wrathguard, the entire Heragon family celebrated her new rank for a week.


Merald is a rather pompous, stern and arrogant female daevi. She knows best and by the Light she’ll hammer that fact home. Even worse: she DOES know best and frequently out-classes her peers and superiors on the most obscure of topics. If there is a weakness within her personality it is to be found within her compassion; for she has none. Driven to the very brink of utmost efficiency she will not rest until she can prove she is still the very best. To shame the name of Torque and her family by not being the best is simply not an option. That she hasn’t experienced a mental breakdown is just as wondrous.

The biggest problem with House Torque was that their personality as a House had shifted to bureaucratic lawmakers first and courageous leaders a distant second. Having a prodigal child from within their ranks responsible for creating the Enclave Militia while being battle-hardened as well, was the perfect answer. A spoiled brat that was also capable of putting her money where her mouth is.

It also allowed for a better background story as to where the Athenaeum came from (it was originally on Parliament) and how the Enclave Militia was instigated (again linked to the Arcane Surge). She was blatantly to be the leader of the Discipline Masters and I envisioned her as being one of the more awesome characters to be fighting alongside to while setting foot on Carnyx. Though Carnyx was never to be of course.