Spellborn: Seregrin Carnyxian – Master Adept

At one point during TCOS development we created the Discipline Masters, a set of the Enclave's greatest heroes and prime examples of what to expect from the Disciplines, our class system. While they were put in the game, they never got the attention I wanted them to have, nor were all assets used. I envisioned them as a band of contemporary heroes the players could fight alongside to in specific scenes.

Marlon Kromodikoro, Dennis Zoetebier and yours truly created a bio for each of the Discipline Masters and this series is meant to showcase each of them. The game itself only contained minor bits and pieces.


Seregrin is an orphan; where he hails from is unknown. He was found as a newborn baby on a derelict shardship near Carnyx (hence his surname) in 963 AC. He was was taken to Orchard Ring, Mount of Heroes where a reinvigorated Forge of Wisdom took him in. Having no family, Seregrin was attracted to travelling at an early age, expressing the wish to one day find his parents. As such, he taught himself some rudimentary combat techniques thinking quite rightly that he would one day need them.

At the age of 17 he left Mount of Heroes and set out for Quarterstone, but curiously never arrived there. The next time anyone of the Enclave caught wind of him was 10 years later at the Slywood tavern Traitor’s Rest, where he announced himself to a few lost Rune scholars. He returned to Mount of Heroes afterwards trying to find his old home, but by then the Forge of Wisdom was fully engaged in its downward spiral towards corruption and did not fit in with his way of life.

It was then that Seregrin finally settled in Quarterstone and quickly made a name for himself in The Arena as a superb Adept gladiator. At the age of 30 he became a trainer there and started to guide new and upcoming gladiators. A year after the Arcane Surge, the Enclave requested him to become one of the Discipline Masters for their new Enclave Militia at Parliament. Having just turned 32, Seregrin accepted.

Some people hold a grudge against him. Seregrin leaving The Arena is seen as one of the catalysts for why illegal PeP-doping caught on amongst the gladiators; their lack of proper training causing them to find other means. Also, House Shroud is particularly interested in his 10 year absence that somehow shaped his skills; a period of time Seregrin will refuse to talk about no matter who asks.


Seregrin is an upbeat person, never perturbed by anything, always looking ahead and assessing any given situation. He’s kind towards all people regardless of age, skill or allegiance and it is this trait that sometimes scares people. He’s seemingly so disconnected from what’s happening on a larger scale that his happy-go-lucky attitude and general friendliness makes him come across as a fool. Those that have fought him know that could not be farther from the truth.

Seregrin was the first of the Discipline Masters I created. I always enjoyed playing the Adept Discipline myself and combined with the countless internal discussions about the Discipline's name (it was originally the Furyhammer, which kind-of became my own nickname within the team after I took things a little too seriously), I came to view it as a 'loner' class.

That notion made me recall an obscure LEGO-based comic called Jim Spaceborn and as a form of tribute, I modelled Seregrin's surname to a similar origin. I also used his character to give a little more backstory to the PeP-doping scandal; a small side-story that originated as a tutorial text and quickly got stuck in my mind as a way to enhance the flavour of Enclave society. I also really like how Marlon made him 'grin' like that.