Spellborn shuts down in the US

I'm in doubt whether I should be surprised about The Chronicles of Spellborn being shut down over at Playdom (who bought Acclaim Games) or I should be surprised about the game still running at all. It seems US players still have until the end of August to still visit the Shards and after that the game will stop.

I thought it odd that the game was kept running at all after Spellborn Works was pulled off the project; it basically robbed the game of support of any kind and I can only imagine how many bugs and problems players might have uncovered since then. Still, with a Korean development team working on it there was some hope it could be revived.

But now it seems the aftermath is coming to a close. With Frogster pulling out in Europe and Playdom shutting down the US side of operations, it seems the game has been finally laid to rest. And although it pains me to say this, it's probably for the better.