Terraforming Mars movie in the works

While we're still waiting for the Monopoly movie and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is slated for 2023, someone seems to have picked up another tabletop game for film adaptation: Terraforming Mars…?

Cobalt Knight was founded to develop a slate of TV and film projects based on video games, board games, manga, comic books, novels and short stories.

It hopes that the Terraforming Mars narrative can highlights the game’s themes including existential tropes like class struggle, colonialism, and ecological collapse. 

I am not sure why this would require this particular boardgame license at all — as the premise is so basic that it feels outdated already — but I guess any form of recognition is better than a completely new IP? I mean, why not Catan if you're going down the "we need an existing IP" route as they seem to want to do? This might be a bit too niche.