Terug naar Tomb Raider

This, then, was the way that Lara Croft greeted the public when her game dropped in September of 1996. And Toby Gard hated it. Giving every indication of having half fallen in love with his creation, he took the tarting up she was receiving under the hands of Eidos’s marketers badly. He saw them rather as a young man might the underworld impresario who had convinced his girlfriend — or his sister? — to become a stripper. A suggestion that reached Core’s offices to include a cheat code to remove Lara’s clothing entirely was, needless to say, not well-received by Gard. “It’s really weird when you see a character of yours doing these things,” he says. “I’ve spent my life drawing pictures of things — and they’re mine, you know?”

Jimmy Maher duikt diep in de geschiedenis van de eerste Tomb Raider, een game die ondanks de twee pyramides op Lara's lichaam, toch voornamelijk in mijn geheugen gegrift staat vanwege de bot-brekende vrije vallen en een overweldigende tyrannosaurus rex. Mooie samenvatting.