🎲 The Fearsome Floors of Finstere Flüre

If you’ve ever played Chu-Chu Rocket! then you might have a very slight advantage into getting to grips with Finstere Flüre (or Fearsome Floors in English). In this board game you try to get your group of characters to escape a dungeon, but there’s a monster on the loose who will home in on the nearest hapless escapee for dinner. And it’s this aspect that allows you to somewhat influence where the monster will strike next.

All your characters have two values of steps to move that add up to 7. For example, a character can take 6 steps one round, but the next round its degraded to 1; others move in pairs of 5/2 and 4/3. The monster’s actions for a round are dictated procedurally after the players have taken theirs turns, though the amount of steps are decided at random. It always walks straight ahead unless it can see a person next to or in front of him. When spoilt for choice, it always heads for the one closest or in case of equal distance just goes straight ahead.

The idea of the game is to position your characters in such a way that you lure the monster in, but at the same time make it gobble up your opponents’ characters. While that’s the general tactic, most sessions seem to end in a frantic dash for the exit, while half the party gets slaughtered in a great cacophony of laughter. There are also a lot of extra board-pieces that allow you to customize and randomize the dungeon each time you play (like blood puddles that allow you to slide to the other side quickly). But the most fun comes from playing the game at a high pace, pushing it into party-game territory. There’s room for a more strategic approach, though.

Actually, the game is so easy to get to grips with and so ‘tangible’ in its presentation, that you’d almost mistake it for common garden-variety Milton Bradley board game. It certainly seems to influence people positively into playing the game. And if they start playing, they usually stay for seconds. Heartily recommended.