💈 The Ingress hacking habit

It is kind of insane when I think about how Ingress invaded my life. Or more specifically, how it has become a part of everyday life. Going someplace new? Better check intel to see if there are any portals near. Waiting for a train with friends? Hold on, I'll be back in a few minutes. Doing groceries? I need to take a detour to hack a few portals on the way there (and back, obviously).

I'm not that bothered any more by winning or losing as well. Finding portals and hacking them, possibly leaving a mark by deploying resonators or firing XMP bursters has become the main attraction. The idea of interacting with your environment other than just going places enhances the feeling of being there. In short, it's the same effect that makes Foursquare tick, but at the same time it's the game elements behind it that make it much more sticky.

It's the superhero feeling, being part of a group of people that share a common secret. That also generated a curious side effect for the moment. Whenever I see someone fiddling with a smartphone I get nervous it might be an agent (possibly opposing). But then it turns out to be an iPhone and I instantly relax.

That's perfectly normal behaviour, right?