The old future

The entire world seems to hate it, or at the very least crack a few jokes at its expense, but I really, really like the design of Tesla's Cybertruck. I like it so much, that my only worry about the thing is whether it should carry an Autobot or Decepticon brand. I mean, most cars are Autobots, but it's so aggressive that it would fit in with the Decepticons and let's not forget the precedence set by the Stunticons...


The thing is that the design is both futuristic and retro as it wallows in the aesthetic of the 2000s by way of the '80s. Of course I'm going to regard this thing as a "robot in disguise"; it's the whole point of the design. I can only imagine this being a personal fantasy for Elon Musk becoming reality. A chunk of reality made real by the Sprawl books, Blade Runner film, and Cyberpunk tabletop RPG. And people hate it, because it's different. Of course. Never mind the price tag being relatively cheap.

It does remind me of another car that was 'berated' for its design, albeit in a less media attention grabbing way: the eight generation European Honda Civic hatchback.

I freaking love this design for pretty much the same reason as the Cybertruck: it's a Transformer. A '90s Transformer to be exact, as its lines, headlight-grille and slightly deformed chassis makes callbacks to the Throttlebots in my mind. Its grille especially also makes it feel futuristic. Even in 2019. The design was almost immediately updated in 2011 and blurred into conventional designs soon after.

It's rather strange to see people like futuristic style, but only when it remains fantasy. As soon as it's brought into reality, everybody immediately reacts that it's to fantastic to work. Yet, such clean and minimal designs are what brought Apple back to the head of the pack.

There's one caveat here though. This might actually become successful, as the design is so divisive it might actually garner a niche group of enthusiasts. If the value of the thing then becomes just as apparent and real, the Cybertruck might have the last laugh.