Weekplay 202223

I bumped into the braindance sequence of Cyberpunk 2077 and this is without a doubt the most cyberpunk-ish aspect of the game yet. It's a cool little reference to Blade Runner while also reinforcing its own setting. Yet, it's locked to very specific lore-circumstances, meaning it's function is that of a glorified FMV scene. I mean, it's clear the focus groups had a difficult time with it, as the game points you towards the solution in none to subtle ways, but you kind of want to have this sprinkled throughout the entire game at any moment without the guidance.

It does reinforce the idea that this won't do much on its own outside of the main story. Still, excellent sequence.

Here's a stupidly fun game: Yakiniku Simulation let's you grill virtual meat on a virtual yakiniku-grill and score points on timing the perfect nom-moment. Stupid as can be, yet it seems to have garnered some form of attention over in Japan.

The game has received a new update to include different cuts of meat, so who knows. This might become the next Vampire Survivors.

Speaking of, Vampire Survivors keeps going from strength to strength with its latest update. It's the perfect more-ish game to play on Steam Deck while whittling the time away, and I have to admit, this game is basically how I survived "watching" Summer Games Fest.

But yes, every update keeps introducing weirder and more obscure stuff, daring you to delve ever deeper into the dodge'em up. I lastly attempted the Moonglow level and boy did that take a turn...

Over in Dungeon Encounters I'm currently levelling up my B-Team as the main party is struggling a bit on Floor 30+. I'm anticipating some KOs before long, so I'd better have some back-up heroes at the ready.

I've been replaying killer7 on Steam Deck and surprisingly it's so much better than I remembered. The "puzzle challenges" are still rather obscure than interesting, but the shooting has a nice rhythm to it and the design and style of the game is just incredible on higher-than-Gamecube resolutions.

Aged like a fine wine, this one has.