Weekplay 202234

The grind is strong in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (NSW). I’m kind of zoning out of the story; just hovering up loot and quest logs is pretty much the gist of this game for me at this point.

Although I never completed the game, there are some story beats here that seem to lead into obvious twists. I never checked whether those would turn out to be true or not, but hey, no bodies, no deaths, right? We'll see down the line if I'm right, but after the Colony 6 mines it becomes very difficult to ignore.

Speaking of the Colony 6 mines, I bumped into a weirdly censored/sanitized scene that marked all the blood as black-ish blots instead of red. Not entirely sure why. Might be a ratings thing, but it's so hard to see, you might mistake it for a bug that whatever is supposed to be so horrific is pretty much invisible.

Another pet peeve is that while the themes are obvious retreads from Xenogears, I feel the robotic designs really don’t gel with that. I'm guessing they wanted a really different style from the mecha designs in both Xenogears and Xenosaga, but this feels steampunk. A wrong kind of steampunk. The Mechon come across as toys or clockwork Fabergé eggs rather than weapons capable of genocide.

That might be a plot point really for all I know, but there is a distinct difference between the mechanical constructs of the Homs and the 'mechanical life' represented by the Mechon. Based on the initial conflict presented in the intro this has to be deliberate. Yet, it doesn't really make the designs any more palatable. I really miss '80s robo-chunkiness.

On a more positive note, the new markers on abilities that highlight when and where they are effective, make the combat more enjoyable. I still miss a lot of combat feedback, but these markers at least make skills more effective. In the previous versions, you just had to figure from the damage output if the skill was applied effectively or not.

And that's it this week. I haven't had much time to play games and I don't think that'll change in the coming week, but let's see what happens.