Weekplay 202243

It suffered a break of a few months, but I completed my playthrough of Citizen Sleeper (SD) over the weekend. This is still one amazing game and looking back on it, it actually feels like a short game. There's more there though; a new interaction popped up clearly mentioning the new DLC.

But that's for another time. This game is still incredibly well built in that it manages to generate a feeling, a longing for belonging, and plays its cards exceptionally well to let you build towards that goal. The static character art is evocative. The writing is succinct and moving. The die placement mechanic is actually a great simulation of experiencing good and bad days.

When the game finally does end, it does so on a bittersweet tone. Not going to spoil it, but it does make me want to replay it, see what else could happen. And it's not hyperbole to say that this game for me is one fo the best experiences of 2022. Just utterly captivating.

Here's a game I know of, but never actually played: PowerSlave Exhumed (PS4). I've seen the PlayStation and Saturn cases many times back in the day, but I foolishly assumed this was just another DOOM clone. It wasn't. Something I'm discovering now by playing through this remake that bares both the names of the EU and US releases.

It's been described as a Metroid FPS and yup, that definitely checks out. For it is a DOOM clone in that you just run through mazes and shoot stuff, but you also scour the various nooks and crannies trying to discover permanent upgrades. These give you exploratory abilities allowing you to backtrack through previous levels and discover new areas. That alone would be enough to get me on board, but... wow... it's hard to put into words why, but this game just handles so smoothly and deliberately. There's a certain cadence to the movement, a weighty head-bob to your camera movement, and a great handling of your weapons that mixes together and makes this, far better than I ever anticipated it to be.

It's actually mind-boggling how this can be some kind of proto-Metroid Prime just two years after Super Metroid's release. Excellent game.