Weekplay 202301

The inclusion of its soundtrack in our latest Dungeons & Dragons session was responsible for putting Blasphemous (PS4) back on the menu. I still had some DLC to mull through after all.

The most fun realisation for this play-through is that I am a whole lot better at the game then during my initial encounter with it. Blocking and parrying is more engrained making it easier to encounter most enemies. Bosses especially feel a bit defanged, experience giving me more space and reaction time to deal with them.

It's either that, or the latest update has drastically lowered the general difficulty.

The game is still marvellous in painting a setting with both graphics, music, and theming. The Christian overtones are apparent, but the religion at display here is still very different. Sin and guilt manifest themselves in wondrous physical ways which is called the Miracle and the weight this brings to the world is both oppressive and beautiful.

In terms of gameplay this is neatly slotting in next to Metroid Zero Mission and Hollow Knight as one of my comfort games. It’s just so nice to be replaying this title and the new DLC-additions are the icing on the cake.