WipEout Omega Collection gains VR mode

I am honestly not sure if this is the greatest or worst thing ever. Sony has just announced a VR mode for WipEout Omega Collection. Which makes sense as about a year ago everybody responded to the original announcement of the game with “why not VR?” Of course, nobody knows what he or she wants.

So now we get this souped up Fabergé egg while the elephant in the room is silently handing out barf bags. Really, after the immensely disorienting and literally sickening experience that was/is RIGS, WipEout Omega Collection in VR is going to immediately and ruthless test the limits of your tolerance to VR experiences.

Considering the original Zone mode in the included WipEout HD was removed before its first launch a decade ago because of causing seizures in the testing department, I’m approaching this very, very carefully.

But damn, am I still hyped about being able to play this in virtual reality!