🍜 Demonic Ramen

Japanese commercials are intense, just like their instant ramen. But if you prefer your ramen a bit more cute, then why not put a meringue on top. No seriously. Put a meringue on top of your bowl of instant ramen, thanks to a handy-dandy meringue-maker. Sometimes I'm not sure anymore ...

🎬 Thor Ragnarok finally learns to roleplay

I think the best way to describe Thor Ragnarok is by treating it as the third campaign by a relatively new group of Dungeons & Dragons players. Twice now, they've been heroes. Twice they've been defeating monsters, exploring dungeons, and saving the people. There've been good times, there've been bad ...

πŸ“Έ Tiny battle

One of the last battles of Sunday's Dungeons & Dragons session. Surprisingly dangerous as well.

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